Friday, April 2, 2010

Dreams and Realisations

Just woke up from a dream and realised I haven't been updating this second blog, I clicked on my name after posting a comment on another blog about blogging, only to find, firstly that I had an extra M in ArtNomadix link attached to my comment and then that it was directing people here rather than my other more utilised blog.
which is where I was heading to update my blog.........Hmmm better update this one too

Where to start .....?

Here are some random photos from my favourites.....that I shall begin to write  tales about randomly, of people I have met, and places I enjoyed living in for however long we were there......

Here is Claus, (the Camel Man), who we met when he camped just down the road one night, when we were 'enstalled' at Jim's Oasis (Jim's Place, Stuarts Well, Central Aust.)
Having been into to collect some wages owing, at the next door Camel Farm, he camped with his two camels and dog Nigel, across from their gateway.

Spying something 'unusual' he shuffled up the road to check us out !

Enstalled beside the enclosure with 2 kangeroos, 4 emus, several ducks and a school of fish in the bore filled 'oasis', was an unusual sight.

A very bright eclectic display of painted clothing, hung all around a small white bus, with a woman rugged up against the late afternoon chill winds, crocheting hats.

Over cups of tea we chatted and learnt about the life of this extraordinary man, who had set off 13 years earlier on a push bike, to travel the country. He occasionally gets work, hence coming by for his wages, which will last him for many months to come, despite being only a drop in the ocean.
Claus, doesn't need money for very much......people who stop and meet him are always giving him much at times, he then passes this on to many poorer folk who need it more.
We were going to camp with him the next night, further up the road at the junction of where he was heading east, but as he dallied long with us, over morning cups of tea, he didn't get underway til quite late, and when we left, to make our way into Alice, for the Beaniefest, he was only just up the road 5 kms or so, and so after a quick chat we continued on our way.
He is an amazing man to meet, and I had heard about him from my mother, whose Anti Waste Dumps tour, had met him  near Lake Eyre the previous year, with a slightly larger cart, with a solar panel. He keeps easing the load for his friends the camels.

More photos with tales to come in the near future




Monday, January 25, 2010

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