Sunday, July 26, 2015

Photos for Ian

My Dad Ian, who would have been 87 today, would have just loved the advent of digital cameras, so here are some glorious snaps from my walk up the hill before it got dark tonight, I was just going to post the best one, but having taken 70 odd,  I decided I could shortlist it to 7

 Hardenbergia ....... always flowers alongside    ........ Wattle
The soft texture of tree limbs

 Mt Warning the Brush Turkey Nest

Saturday, July 25, 2015

.....and as a walk my way out of a long hibernation from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ..... pace pace pace step step stride stride's hoping I can begin to reclaim my energy, my life with NRG.....

Now what are some words to fit my new mind set NRG (we've used it for No Rally Group and Northern Rivers Guardians, ....... New Revitalised Groan-up..... that's about what I do when I get up, Groan.

Groan, in pain, groan at my tiredness.  It's shocking, I'm only 55 yet sometimes I feel 80 !

If I've got something I have to go to, then I can raise my adrenal energy and force my self out. ('Tho I don't pull up too well afterwards, and often take a day or two to recover. Sometimes lately, when helping at The Chai Tent, I really struggle to get thru the day. )

So writing this down, in here, I am going to begin to document my journey back into NRG...... Neuro Retraining Grind .....

....and while we're in these cooler months, I'll try getting my walk up the steep driveway and ridge beyond, done in the afternoon for sunset view, which is pretty spectacular up along Long Mountain Road, as it was once called, back in the day of the white settlers.

I'd love to know what the Original First Nation People called it, as the navigated from the valley, all the way up to the plateau, now called Lamington National Park.

 I will return and post the best photo from my walk.... here's one from an early misty moisty morn, after the mist has risen .