Friday, August 28, 2015

Uncle Yillah - a very powerful orator

While looking for videos of Mt Warning today I came across this powerful speech of Yillah's, that I saw online before I met him. I have since heard him many times. Sometimes he gets so passionate, his anger is almost all that you hear. But when he speaks softly, he can move you to tears.

I will find some of the other recent videos to post in here too.

and from Yillah's words  I then came across Tjilpi Randall's beautiful heartfelt words with Kevin Jame's beautiful song and feel it's fitting to finish with this inclusion to the post, to be reminded always of this beautiful man, who passed away a couple of months ago

3D Wullumbini Momoli Project

Having made a Mark1 3D Sculptural Mt Warning in Needlefelt, I have it in mind to make an even larger more complex sculpture,of the larger Caldera ..... so I need lots of photos to use from all angles

Today I have found these aerial flights on YouTube, so I am listing them in here for reference.

This one shows how many Mt Warning Spear Lillies are growing up on the highest cliffs.

Time Lapse Sunrise from the top

and another sunrise with Xavier's Follow the sun .... these two videos don't fullfil the brief, but add to the height.

Short misty time lapse from Uki way

Mt Warning is the silhouette of a Scrub Turkey (Wulambiny Momoli) Momoli means nest, the Caldera.
NSW National Parks have suppressed their studies of the language speaking Elders and followed the false white myth that the face of the Fighting Chief Wollumbin can be seen in Mt Warning.
"Wollumbin mean when you got that dead feeling to the Ngaraakwal.... feeling dead" Millie Boyd

Wulambiny Momoli (Turkey Nest) is the true name for Mt Warning. Wollumbin Fighting Chief is to the North of Mt Warning Wulambiny Momoli. The history books are racist false white myth, and must be rewritten. Imposters pretending to be the cultural custodians have destroyed true culture, tens of thousands of years old for their financial gain. Criminal Governments have funded supported and recognised false Aboriginal groups, and aided and abetted Native Title frauds, to launder Australias' Crown land assets.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Day Two of a new beginning Follow Outside Messages, whether natural or cyber

Different story today Friday 7th ! Feel like going back to bed, Woke at 4am after waking at 11.50 & 2.22am  Went back to sleep till 6.30, went to toilet, and forced myself to stay up, by opening up laptop . 

I must listen to my laptop. I swear there must be some kind of sentient awareness in mine, lol, as so often, I find it tells me what to do. If I'm too tired, it will work really slowly, as if it is tired too, up to the point that I decide, to shut it down as I really am too tired to be trying to work coherently.

These days, my connection to the main broadband, over at the main house, will only work inside my tin shed cabin, late at night or early in the morning, the rest of the time I must sit out on the veranda, to be more in line of view, with the modem router. This morning, it was the catalyst for forcing myself to do some writing, instead of hopping back into bed.

Now at 8am, after breaky, I am being called outside to be able to actually post this, by a little Blue Wren, flying at the window,  fighting his reflection. It is warmer outside in the sun, so it is time to follow his direction, maybe I'll be successfull in getting his photo, maybe not. 

No little Blue Wren had flown away, but I did see a little group of Finches? with a splash of fire red on their throats, all flitting amongst the plants, and I did get in a short walk, investigating what machine was making quite a racket. Thankfully, it was a short job, and gone now, as I sit in the warming sun, the temperature in the shade is still only about 9 degrees, but shaping up to be a warm day, albeit with occasional cool wind/breeze.

 I must listen to my body, doing what it needs to do, as well as following the new mindset, repatterned by Carolyn. I must be gentle with myself. I must allow my healing to progress slowly, follow the concepts of the G.E.T. Graded Exercise Therapy. It is hard to just take small steps, and it is hard to wake up this morning and not even feel able to do some of the 'small steps exercises, that I have set out to tick off on my chart. The thing is, I must not feel bad about this, I must recognise that each day is different. Maybe today I'll tackle some of the jobs on my 'To Do' List. There are so many of them that 'glare' at me everyday, as they have done for the past number of years. 

I may have been reprogrammed, but it is not a magic cure all, so I must keep telling myself, take it easy, don't be a harsh critic, be happy, be joyful, do something exciting, or creative today, as well as some 5 minute spells on a couple of those unmentionable jobs, then I can tick them off on my charts, and feel some good self esteem for jobs begun, continued or finished.

I must send in an idea to the council, re 'What to do', with the historic Public Toilet in town, about to be renovated into a new purpose.  It is in an ideal spot to be a centre for small drop in classes and workshops, for people to learn to crochet for example, to help combat depression, isolation , a place to make a cuppa, have a chat, find out what's happening locally, and maybe learn something new.

It would need a small team of community members to operate, but a wonderful opportunity right in the heart of our small country town. .... ( aaah there's the start of my submission for Expressions of Interest .. Yay !) 

A New Beginning

Yesterday I went to a very unusual healer, Carolyn Tyrer, who among other healing modalities, uses Resonance Repatterning - Resonance Repatterning assists to clear the beliefs, behaviors and negative emotions that have created limitations in our life – a very deep healing therapy that works on all levels, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. By using applied Kinesiology, changes occur from the very first session and most sessions last around 1½ – 2 hours.
Luckily I am well used to the unusual methods lof Kinesiolgy, and could readily accept the very different concepts involved. 
Talking about why I was there, and why I knew I couldn't manage to affect the self healing, I knew I needed, brought  out quite a bit of emotion. Having a healer have time, to really listen to my long and convoluted story, to fully understand my unique problems, affecting my whole life, my energy, my health, even my outlook on life, was quite incredible, as Carolyn then went to work, going thru her workbooks, asking herself and being answered by her own kinesthetic responses, I lay back, and witnessed true healing being arranged. 
Carolyn then ascertained what methods/modalities were needed, and even became quite excited at the results, two tuning forks, not just one! lol
Listening to what she was reading out, about the various tools and reasons behind their need, resonated with me, and I knew she was right on track, so I just lay back, gazing out of the picture windows, into the serene trees of her garden, beyond the veranda. It was/is the perfect venue for such a unique form of healing. 
The healing itself didn't take anytime at all, just 3 attempts to get both tuning forks vibrating at the same time, I was holding one on my Occiput (back of the cranium, top of spine), while Carolyn worked 'Proxy' on the relevant spot in the book, as I was sitting up, to enable me to access occiput.

We then had time to chat about other stuff, and I was able to show her some relevant photos, and photos of my textile work, also relevant to the need for her help healing me thru  Repatterning.

Getting down, off her table, I felt quite wobbly, so I drove down the road to the nearby beach, where I went and lay face down on the warm sand, a scarf wrapped across my face, protecting me from sand. I lay there, trying to relax my body, listening to the waves. It has been extremely hard for me to lay on my stomach, for the past 7 or 8 years. It still is, but my mind, was allowing it to feel just a little bit easier. Still quite painful and hard to relax into, I just focused on the ocean, and enjoyed the warm winter sun, penetrate, helping me relax, despite the cool breeze. After some time, I was able to gently rock my pelvis, stretching the scar tissue within my left groin, and relaxing into the pain.

I spent some time on the beach, sitting meditating, walking back among the trees, finishing off stripping off and having a quick plunge into the cleansing ocean.

I went to find some food, still feeling quite fragile, which persisted into the early evening as I drove back into the mountains. By the time I arrived home, I was feeling quite exhausted, as per usual after being out doing basic shopping, but the fragility was new.
I went to bed very early, having a short read of a book I was led to find in the library, when I went looking for another book recommended by my GP awhile ago, which I have put a reservation on. Instead I found two thin books on CFS, one written by a young man who decided to dedicate his life to professionally help others rehabilitate themselves thru Graded Exercise Therapy 'GET'   

When I woke for the 3rd time during the night, I read a bit more and finished it off in the early morning, after I had got up at 5.30 am, following suggestions in the book, re going to bed early & not sleeping too much. The best part was, that I felt able to get up then, rather than feeling like getting straight back into bed after an early toilet trip, So often I am yawning and staggering back to bed, where I then can fall asleep again so easily, something that once upon a time, I never could do.

I have felt quite different today, mentally more able to follow thru with the the things I wake up planning to do. So often, I can wake up and before opening my eyes and rolling out of bed, I can feel like doing various things that day, only to find when I actually get up, I have zero energy to even start said activity !

I woke at 5am and rolled onto my stomach and began stretching the scar tissue that restricts my hip socket total freedom. I was able to move onto my stomach, being able to move the underneath arm and stretch them both out to the side, like on the beach yesterday. Then stretched back up onto my knees, normally an excruciating exercise, it was painful, but not excruciating. 
I got up and began to make some charts for my G.E.T  #1  ....starting with very small steps, instead of the mammoth walk up  the driveway hill, and way up past the lookout, which I have been unable to repeat one day after another, despite intending to.
I had a much better mindset and a touch more energy to do a little of many different exercises and household jobs, that usually just seem too much to begin or attempt.

So thanks to a cold night, I am about to hop into bed early again, I'll read awhile, and get to sleep early, hopefully to repeat today's mental energy and mindset.  Off to read about how the body obtains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, what they do, and how they can be used in the treatment of CFS !

 I am feeling tired and ready for rest, at only 9pm.