Friday, August 28, 2015

3D Wullumbini Momoli Project

Having made a Mark1 3D Sculptural Mt Warning in Needlefelt, I have it in mind to make an even larger more complex sculpture,of the larger Caldera ..... so I need lots of photos to use from all angles

Today I have found these aerial flights on YouTube, so I am listing them in here for reference.

This one shows how many Mt Warning Spear Lillies are growing up on the highest cliffs.

Time Lapse Sunrise from the top

and another sunrise with Xavier's Follow the sun .... these two videos don't fullfil the brief, but add to the height.

Short misty time lapse from Uki way

Mt Warning is the silhouette of a Scrub Turkey (Wulambiny Momoli) Momoli means nest, the Caldera.
NSW National Parks have suppressed their studies of the language speaking Elders and followed the false white myth that the face of the Fighting Chief Wollumbin can be seen in Mt Warning.
"Wollumbin mean when you got that dead feeling to the Ngaraakwal.... feeling dead" Millie Boyd

Wulambiny Momoli (Turkey Nest) is the true name for Mt Warning. Wollumbin Fighting Chief is to the North of Mt Warning Wulambiny Momoli. The history books are racist false white myth, and must be rewritten. Imposters pretending to be the cultural custodians have destroyed true culture, tens of thousands of years old for their financial gain. Criminal Governments have funded supported and recognised false Aboriginal groups, and aided and abetted Native Title frauds, to launder Australias' Crown land assets.

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